Environmental Services / Construction:
Civil Construction / Services
If it involves: Deep Trenching, Drilling, Dewatering, Underground Pipe Installations, HDPE Barrier Walls, Permeable walls, Slurry Walls, or underground problem solving... CONTACT DEWIND!
Environmental Services

DeWind offers a number of Environmental Construction Services related to the clean up, protection, and improvement of the environment. The DeWind Team is Hazmat trained and their proprietary technologies result in easy systems installations underground, under the water table IN A SINGLE PASS without the need to pump, treat, shore, or dig mass excavations. DeWind’s environmental services result in quicker clean ups, and a significant reduction in job site spoils. DeWind’s Environmental Services include:

  • Ground Water and Product Recovery Trenches
  • In-Situ Mixed Soil/Bentonite Slurry Walls
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers –ZVI, Mulch, etc.
  • Leachate Collection
  • Soil Vapor Extraction and Injection Trenches
Civil Services Civil Services

In the 30 years DeWind has been in the construction business they have developed an impressive list of services. Their proprietary machinery and methodology has been fine-tuned over decades, and their one-pass technology gives them unmatched precision, and speed during installations. All installations are executed under the static water table in one pass, eliminating the need for open excavations. DeWind’s Civil Services include:

  • Underground Alluvial Water Storage Reservoir Containment Walls
  • In-Situ Cement Soil Mixing Applications
  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Large Diameter HDPE Pipe Installations
  • Direct Bury Of Ductile Iron and PVC Pipe.
  • Cement Footing Foundations and “Formless Wall” Installs
  • Full Service Construction Dewatering
  • Large Volume Water Supply Systems for Irrigation
  • Erosion Control System for Slope and Tailing Stability
  • Relief Trenches AND MORE
Services Overview:
Ground Water Collection Trenches
Ground Water & Product Recovery Trenches: Product Recovery – LNAPL – DNAPL DeWind’s flagship Service “The One-Pass Groundwater Recovery System” (also known as Ground Water Collection Trench or Seepage Trench). This complex multi-tasked One-Pass operation was developed by DeWind exclusively for installing DEEP groundwater and product recovery systems in HIGHLY contaminated soils with high water tables. DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are...
Cut Off Barrier Walls – Dam Seepage Repair – ...
Soil Bentonite Walls: DeWind One-Pass Trenchers can Mixed-in-Place soil bentonite and soil, cement bentonite  into a completely homogenized wall from TOP to BOTTOM  and from START to FINISH. With DeWind’s  continuous vertical mixing process there is virtually zero possibility for window or voids in the wall.  One-Pass barrier walls are evenly and consistently mixed throughout. DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are so powerful they can mix a heavy high slump mix...
Permeable Reactive Barriers
Permeable Reactive Barriers / Funnel and Gate Systems: All One-Pass Trenching operations are performed under the water table in highly fluid soils. On contaminated sites… the One-Pass Technology has no equal. ZVI, Zeolite, Active Carbon, Mulch and any other reactive materials can be easily installed in a continuous wall to depths of up to 50’ feet deep.   The seamless One-Pass operation cuts a precise trench and simultaneously...
Underground Alluvial Water Storage Reservoirs
Underground Alluvial Water Storage Reservoir Containment Walls: In scarcity WATER is worth more than GOLD. Storing water is a good business practice in areas where water is scarce and in high demand. Using DeWind’s Underground Water Reservoir Containment Systems are the most cost-effective way to store large volumes of water.   DeWind’s largest most powerful DEEP One-Pass Trencher can install deep in-situ mixed impermeable soil/ bentonite walls up...
Cement Footing Foundations and “Formless” Walls
Cement Footing Foundations and “Formless Wall” Installs: Imagine installing cement foundations without excavating or setting forms-with the DeWind One-Pass Trenchers, same day installs are a reality. DeWind’s One-Pass Trenchers cut a perfect 24” to 48” wide trench up to varying depths while pulling an open trench box in tow. The box remains full with wet mixed concrete as the trencher advances along the alignment of the proposed wall. While the...
Foundation Stabilization
Foundation Stabilization: Revolutionizing soil stabilization. DeWind’s One-Pass Trenchers are designed to cut trenches as wide as 48” to depths of 50 feet below grade and deeper for narrower cuts. With this super wide cutting capability new dimensions in soil stabilization and seismic remediation can be imagined and designed by stabilization engineers. Fast in-situ mixed concrete, fly ash and other soil amendments can be mixed directly...
Construction Dewatering Applications
Construction Dewatering Applications: A full service construction dewatering company. DeWind Dewatering offers well points, hole punched well points, augured wells, deep wells, sock tile and sanded sock tile dewatering systems. DeWind operates custom track mounted dewatering equipment to access remote and difficult sites. We have years of experience and the most innovative technology to get your job done right. Construction Dewatering...
Large Volume Water Supply Systems for Irrigation
Large Volume Water Supply Systems for Irrigation : What do farmers, golf course owners and fire-fighters all have in common? They all need large quantities of water on demand. In the right conditions, DeWind’s Horizontal Water Supply Systems can deliver thousands of gallons a minute. Most states have passed water well laws that did NOT take the large-scale farmer into consideration. Shallow drinking water aquifers require filtering through...