Environmental Services / Construction:
Civil Construction / Services
DeWind One-pass Trenchers can install complete Underground Reservoir systems in a single pass.
  • Underground Alluvial Water Storage Reservoir Containment Walls
  • Troy Welding for an Underground Alluvial Water Storage Systems
Underground Alluvial Water Storage Reservoir Containment Walls:
In scarcity WATER is worth more than GOLD. Storing water is a good business practice in areas where water is scarce and in high demand. Using DeWind’s Underground Water Reservoir Containment Systems are the most cost-effective way to store large volumes of water.   DeWind’s largest most powerful DEEP One-Pass Trencher can install deep in-situ mixed impermeable soil/ bentonite walls up to 125 below grade to form underground water storage reservoirs. The bottoms of these walls can be keyed into a confining layer creating a leak -free underground storage tank. This cost effective reservoir construction for large volume water storage can be used by cities and municipalities to conserve and store water during times of drought and high water use.   Reservoirs installed in combination with DeWind’s Horizontal Water Supply Systems can be refilled quickly with nearby shallow water aquafers. Installation of these underground reservoirs are:
  • Developed and installed in a very short time.
  • Do not affect the surrounding water rights.
  • Do not require an environmental impact study
  • Maintains permanent dominion and control of the water
  • Have no evaporation loss.
  • Does not mix with local water sources.
  • Storage capacity is not limited to local aggregate consumption
  • Water will be always be available
Details & Benefits:
  • Depths:80′Below Grade
  • Speed:Developed and Installed in a very short time
  • Results:No Evaporation Loss