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DeWind One-Pass Trenching can install complete Groundwater collection Systems in a single pass
  • Large Volume Water Supply Systems for Irrigation.
  • DeWind Irrigation Trenching
Large Volume Water Supply Systems for Irrigation :

What do farmers, golf course owners and fire-fighters all have in common? They all need large quantities of water on demand. In the right conditions, DeWind’s Horizontal Water Supply Systems can deliver thousands of gallons a minute. Most states have passed water well laws that did NOT take the large-scale farmer into consideration. Shallow drinking water aquifers require filtering through sand before consumption for health reasons. Because of this requirement, most states have made water located from near the surface to 24’ feet below the ground surface inaccessible by law. Irrigation water does NOT need to be filtered so a vast and valuable resource lay just below the surface with no way to tap into it until NOW!

With the DeWind Horizontal Water Supply System, this valuable water resource can be captured in large volumes with no depletion of the deep aquifer. Accepted by most states the for irrigation use ONLY, the DeWind Horizontal Water Supply System can be installed in unlimited lengths typically 20’ below ground surface to capture large volumes of surface water for irrigation. Farmers all over the United States have been pumping thousands of gallons of water from the DeWind Horizontal Irrigation Systems increasing crop production and freeze protection. Anywhere there is shallow groundwater in clean sands and gravel, the DeWind Horizontal Systems do the job! Imagine a pond without the hole!

Details & Benefits:
  • Increased Crop Production
  • Thousands of Gallons a Minute
  • No Need to Filter Water
  • Freeze Protection