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DeWind One-Pass* Trenchers can install complete contaminated groundwater collection systems in a single pass
  • Dewind Deep Trenching is a Michigan based company that specializes in Ground Water Collection Trenching
  • Deep Trenchers install a Ground Water Collection trench. Trenching by Dewind One_Pass_Trenching
Ground Water & Product Recovery Trenches:
Product Recovery – LNAPL – DNAPL
DeWind’s flagship Service “The One-Pass Groundwater Recovery System” (also known as Ground Water Collection Trench or Seepage Trench). This complex multi-tasked One-Pass operation was developed by DeWind exclusively for installing DEEP groundwater and product recovery systems in HIGHLY contaminated soils with high water tables. DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are designed to set a large diameter steel sump casing, pre-connected to a horizontal slotted HDPE SDR 11 collection pipe. The sump is set and the horizontal pipe is installed on a precise grade while being backfilled with a wall of stone all the way to the surface. All this is done in a SINGLE simultaneous operation by the DeWind Trencher. One-Pass Technology avoids DEWATERING, PUMPING AND TREATING OF CONTAMINATED WATER, TRENCH SHORING OR SHEETING, DANGEROUS OPEN EXCAVATIONS, TONS OF CONTAMINATED SPOILS TO MANAGE! DeWind installations are fast and safe, unlike obsolete conventional installations.
Ground Water Collection Trench Animation
Details & Benefits:
  • Trench Depths:0-50′ deep (deeper with grading)
  • Trench Width:12″- 48″ wide
  • Speed:Typically a 200-300 linear foot trench with sump can be installed in one day.
  • Saftey:Continuous backfill eliminates dangerous open trenches
  • Results:Superior performance in low-permeability soils.
  • Dewind_One_Pass_Trenching_Stone_Backfill