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DeWind One-Pass Trenching can install complete contaiminated Groundwater Reactive Barriers in a single pass.
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier installation by Dewind Trenching
  • Deep Trenchers install a Ground Water Collection trench. Trenching by Dewind One_Pass_Trenching
Permeable Reactive Barriers / Funnel and Gate Systems:

All One-Pass Trenching operations are performed under the water table in highly fluid soils. On contaminated sites… the One-Pass Technology has no equal. ZVI, Zeolite, Active Carbon, Mulch and any other reactive materials can be easily installed in a continuous wall to depths of up to 50’ feet deep.

The seamless One-Pass operation cuts a precise trench and simultaneously backfills the trench with the reactive materials thru a custom delivery box that extends to the bottom of the trench. The Trencher pulls this trench box along while a conveyor system keeps the box full during the entire operation.

Prior to the development to the DeWind DEEP One-Pass Technology conventional excavation techniques were used that required shoring of the trench side walls, construction dewatering system installations, transporting and/or remediating of thousands of gallons of contaminated water, massive excavations with dangerous open excavations and tons of contaminated spoils disposal. The costs were astronomical and prohibitive. With the development of the DeWind One-Pass Technology more sites can be cleaned up because of the cost effective single pass solution.

Details & Benefits:
  • Trench Depths: 0′-50′ (Deeper With Benching)
  • Trench Width: 12″- 48″ wide
  • Speed: 200 – 400 linear feet per day
  • Benefits: No open excavations, no shoring, pumping, treating, spoil management and save on backfill costs.