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DeWind One-Pass Trenchers can install complete mixed in place soil-bentonite walls.
  • Soil Bentonite Wall Install by DeWind One-Pass-Trenching
  • Soil Bentonite Wall Install by DeWind One-Pass-Trenching
Soil Bentonite Walls:
DeWind One-Pass Trenchers can Mixed-in-Place soil bentonite and soil, cement bentonite  into a completely homogenized wall from TOP to BOTTOM  and from START to FINISH. With DeWind’s  continuous vertical mixing process there is virtually zero possibility for window or voids in the wall.  One-Pass barrier walls are evenly and consistently mixed throughout. DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are so powerful they can mix a heavy high slump mix in place. This ability to mix a super heavy slump makes One-Pass ideal for Dam and levee repair.   DeWind has developed a number of custom attachments and quality control features for our One-Pass Trenchers to ensure a perfect wall every time regardless of changing soil conditions. The Trenchers are equipped with metered bentonite delivery systems, underground water injection nozzles, pre-mixed slurry injection ports, speed controls for both the mixing chain and track speeds, GPS mapping and laser guides to control depth.   Engineers who use the DeWind One-Pass Mixed-In-Place method prefer it to the conventional excavator installation methods because of the completely homogenized soils from top to bottom, secure key into confining layer, no possibility for voids in the wall, precise laser installations, no messing mixing ponds, ability to work in tight sites, no open excavation and super fast installation rates with a precise mapping of the alignment for future use.
Details & Benefits:
  • Trench Depths: 125′+  deep
  • Trench Width: 12″- 48″ wide
  • Speed: 200-500 linear feet per day.
  • Benefits: In-situ mixing, complete homogenized wall from top to bottom, Heavy High slump mix in place, Secure bottom seal, No voids or windows.
  • Safety: Fast installations with minimal equipment movement and personnel on site.
  • Results: Superior wall with consistent mixing from top to bottom and NO POSSIBILITY OF VOIDS.