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DeWind One-Pass Trenching can install complete walls and concrete foundations in a single pass
  • Formless Foundation Installers; DeWind Deep Trenching
  • Cement Footing Foundations And “Formless Wall” Installs
Cement Footing Foundations and “Formless Wall” Installs:

Imagine installing cement foundations without excavating or setting forms-with the DeWind One-Pass Trenchers, same day installs are a reality.

DeWind’s One-Pass Trenchers cut a perfect 24” to 48” wide trench up to varying depths while pulling an open trench box in tow. The box remains full with wet mixed concrete as the trencher advances along the alignment of the proposed wall. While the concrete is still wet, cages and rebar can be inserted into the new-formed wall.

Although this technology has a limited use for large simply designed projects, it is a consideration for some unusual applications like reinforcing dam stability, erosion control for beaches slopes and foundation stabilization. Because of the ability of the DeWind One-Pass Trencher, engineers can use this single pass equipment for a wide range of projects.

Details & Benefits:
  • Trench Depths:variable
  • Trench Width:24″- 48″ wide
  • Uses:Large and simply designed projects.
  • Benefits:reinforcing dam stability, erosion control for beaches, slope stabilization … and more