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DeWind One-Pass Trenching can install complete Foundation Stabilization Systems in a single pass
  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Using Mixes for Barrier Walls
Foundation Stabilization:

Revolutionizing soil stabilization. DeWind’s One-Pass Trenchers are designed to cut trenches as wide as 48” to depths of 50 feet below grade and deeper for narrower cuts. With this super wide cutting capability new dimensions in soil stabilization and seismic remediation can be imagined and designed by stabilization engineers. Fast in-situ mixed concrete, fly ash and other soil amendments can be mixed directly into the soils in two, three or four foot wide Trench alignments. Any configuration either linear or curved can be imagined and designed. No need to use slow cumbersome vertical wells or messy and dangerous excavator installations.

Details & Benefits:
  • Depths:0-50′ below grade (deeper with narrower cuts)
  • Fast In-Situ Mixed Concrete
  • Any ConfigurationLinear or Curved
  • Saftey:Continuous backfill elimates dangerous excavator installations