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Reactive Barrier Wall Project Update

Reactive Barrier Wall solves space and on-going activity problems during remediation project

“Name Removed”, was contracted to install a passive reactive barrier wall in “Name Removed”. The wall was designed to remediate groundwater containing tetrachloroethylene (TCE). What made this job unique was the site location. Installation would occur in an operating commercial centre where site parameters were tight and commercial business operations had to continue during the installation.

The site geology consisted of sand and clay zones overlaying fractured shale bedrock at approximately 6 – 9 metres below grade.

At first considering a conventional slurry trench installation, “Name Removed” ultimately elected to install a zero-valent iron (ZVI) wall and to employ One-Pass© trenching, developed by DeWind Corporation, Michigan. The decision to go with this technology was the belief that it would give them a number of advantages within the tight site parameters, while avoiding some of the collateral costs and issues of a traditional slurry trench installation. Additionally, since the project was to be carried out in the dead of winter, “Name Removed” wanted to avoid the use of slurry in cold temperatures, especially in an operating commercial centre.