Environmental Services / Construction:
Civil Construction / Services
DeWind One-Pass Trenching can install complete water Transmission Systems in a single pass
  • Custom Trencher Installs Pipe
  • DeWind Trenching Installs Large Diameter Pipe
Large Diameter HDPE Pipe Installations:

DeWind One-Pass* Trenching has developed a direct bury attachment that allows precise laser guided installation of large diameter HDPE SDR Pipe up to 20 feet below grade in highly fluids soils directly under the water table.

Poly forcemain pipe and gravity drain pipe up to 24” in diameter can be installed quickly and on a precise grade. Thousands of feet of pipe can be installed in a single day with this automatic cut and bury method.

Details & Benefits:
  • Trench Depths:0-40′ deep (deeper with benching)
  • Trench Width:12″- 48″ wide
  • Speed:1000s of feet per day
  • Benifits:1000s of feet per day
  • Saftey:No open excavations, no dewatering, no trench shoring, perfect laser cut installs.
  • Saftey:No Open excavations, no pipe handling, Only one piece of equipment in operation.