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DeWind One-Pass Trenchers can install ridged pipe in a single pass.
  • Direct Bury Of Ductile Iron And PVC Pipe
  • Ductile Iron and PVC Direct Bury Pipe Instal done by Dewind Trenching
Direct Bury Of Ductile Iron And PVC Pipe:

UNBELEIVABLE! One-Pass technology that can install ridged pipe in a single pass…. UNDER THE WATER!

DeWind’s uniquely designed trench box created specifically for our One-Pass Trenchers can install rigid pipe like PVC, dual wall corrugated, ductile iron pipe and more in a continuous trenching operation directly under the water table. This ingeniously designed trench box is watertight and allows for pipe installations in soils with high water tables avoiding the cost and hassle of installing construction dewatering.

The rigid pipe is handled hand free with a remotely operated robotic crane. The pipe is picked up by the crane and set into the trenchbox where custom mechanisms hydraulically force the pipe into the secure gasketed sealed end of the of the previously installed pipe while pushing the pipe out of the box making room for the section of pipe to be installed. This is a seamless, continual operation performed while the trencher is advancing backwards along the alignment.

This Technology is priceless for contaminated sites where dewatering is cost prohibitive.

Details & Benifits:
  • Trench Depths:0-12′ deep
  • Trench Width:0″- 24″ wide
  • Benefits:No open excavations, No trench shoring, No dewatering.
  • Saftey:No dangerous open excavations.